Investigation into ‘Goroka landing’ launched

The Papua New Guinea Accident Investigation Commission has launched an investigation into an aircraft landing on a closed runway at Goroka.

On 5 December, at approximately 15:04pm, the Commission was informed of a serious landing incident that occurred at Goroka Airport, Eastern Highlands Province, on 2 December at 14:12 local time. 

“A Papua New Guinea Defence Force CASA CN-235M aircraft, registered P2-502 and operating as Eagle 502, landed on a closed runway (35 Left) while runway works were in progress,” reports the Commission. 

“The aircraft was observed to continue along the closed runway, before backtracking to a taxiway that was also closed for works, in order to taxi to, and enter, the active runway 35 Right.”

In its investigation, the AIC will be examining a range of issues including the circumstances relating to the runway works, runway markings, advice to pilots, and associated documentation and air traffic control recorded information. 

“The AIC will seek to improve aviation safety by conducting an independent no-blame investigation to establish the causes and contributing factors of this serious incident, and to communicate findings and recommendations through the release of a public report that complies with the requirements of the Civil Aviation Act, and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO),” says the Commission.

The National Airports Corporation, PNG Air Services Limited and the PNG Defence Force Air Transport Wing are assisting the AIC investigation. 

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