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Loop Breakfast Bites is a round up of the top Loop PNG stories making news.

Fraud squad arrests former Wabag MP


Former Member for Wabag, Robert Ganim, has been arrested and formally charged by the Fraud directorate.

Gumine petition thrown out


The Court of Disputed Returns has thrown out the election petition filed by Dawa Lucas Dekena for being incompetent.

Court dismisses Moresby North-West petition


A petition disputing Sir Mekere Morauta’s election as Moresby North-West member has been dismissed by the court.

Polye assures peace for Kandep trial


Former Kandep member and petitioner in the Court of Disputed Returns, Don Polye, has given the assurance for peace in Wabag town when the matter goes for trial.

Minister puts to rest land rumours


Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko put to rest some questions regarding selling and buying of customary land in the nation’s capital.

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