Photos of escapees on police Facebook page

A list of names and photos of some of the escapees have been published the RPNGC Lae Metropolitan Command Facebook page for the public to identify and call police.

Those whose photos have been posted on the Facebook page are those that had passed through the Lae police holding cell and had their photos taken on the Cell Management System. However,  those who went through prior to the CMS was set up did not have any photos available.

A total of 41 prisoners are still at large after the recent breakout at Buimo jail Friday May 12, in Lae.

According to reports, the breakout of prisoners from the Lae correctional service precinct states a total of 12 prisoners convicted of procession of drugs, live ammunition, offensive weapons, willful murder, manslaughter, armed robbery, inciting fight and escaping lawful custody are still on run.

Included are 23 remandees awaiting trial in National Court for willful murder, armed robbery, sexual penetration and breaking and entering.

The number of prisoners awaiting committal court hearing stands at six.

Lae police boss, Anthony Wagambie is urging all residents in Lae to take necessary precautions when moving around as some escapees are still out in the communities.

Police teams on the ground are on high alert and have this message for the public.

“Be smart, think safety and always be alert and vigilant of who is around you and what they are doing when you are moving about.”


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Annette Kora