Policemen injured in Kundiawa fight

Two policemen in Kundiawa received injuries while attempting to stop a huge fight that erupted in Kundiawa Town on Tuesday morning.

According to the Simbu Provincial Police Commander, one policeman received serious injuries to his head while the other is nursing minor injuries to his body.

Simbu PPC, David Siene, said the fight was a spill over from a minor confrontation that occurred on Monday afternoon between some youths.

He said while police are yet to establish concrete information on what actually caused the fight, they were briefed that the clash started due to pickpocketing.

One faction of the two youth groups involved in the confrontation on Monday afternoon mobilised yesterday morning and attacked the other group, causing chaos in the small town.

Thankfully, with the help of a Mobile Squad Unit, police were able to stop the fight.

However, while attempting to stop the fight, two policemen were injured from the stones and other objects that were hurled.

PPC Siene said there are also unconfirmed reports of several injured youths.

Businesses and government services were also affected, with unconfirmed reports of property damage and some closing early, like the bank, due to security reasons.

The PPC said while normalcy has been restored in town, police are still monitoring the situation and will conduct a full investigation once everything has settled.  

Meanwhile, the PPC has brushed aside rumours that the fight was election-related.

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Charmaine Poriambep