Roadblocks to be removed

Kirakira villagers have assured the NCD police that the roadblocks set up this morning will be removed.

This was agreed to by parties present in a mediation dialogue between Eda Ranu and village elders, facilitated by police around lunch time today.

Villagers this morning set up the barricades in retaliation over continuous disruption and the eventual shut down of water (three weeks back) into the village. Elders asked for the water company to allow for talks to see how best to facilitate for issues raised about the water system in the village.

As of the meeting’s end, elders have agreed to take out the roadblocks set up along the main road from Sabama towards Manu Autoport.

Village councillor Arutu Bake says he and his fellow leaders will advise youths to stand down and wait on Eda Ranu to restore water flow into the urban village.

Meantime, police will maintain a presence in the area until the situation is resolved.

Julianna Waeda