Rosalyn’s death still under Investigation

Officer in Charge of the NCD, Criminal Investigation Division, Ulavis Mantu says the death of the Veteran Journalist Rosalyn Albaniel is still under investigation.

He said although the preliminary report is out with findings that may not be pointing to a homicide case adding that the CID will not relent on this case.

The Veteran Journalist died on the 15th of October, days later,  in what may have seemed a normal funeral procession on the 23rd of October, the deceased’s paternal aunt gave out a shocking revelation that spoke of a continuous abuse filled relationship that was alleged to have led to her death.

The aunt showed pictures of a battered and bruised body of the late Journalist, days after her death.

This had prompted the family to take action; calling for investigations into the death.

After much dispute among family members, including the biological mother of the late Journalist, Rosalyn body finally went through a post mortem on the 25th of October; however the body had already gone through embalmment thus giving out the preliminary results.

However the OIC states that this does not stop the investigation, adding that they are still waiting for the full report to come out, while also looking to find more evidence into the death of the journalist.

Meantime, Mantu said that the CID are conducting their own investigation apart from the Post Mortem, however the full report is the key evidence that should contribute to the case.

Imelda Wavik