Sea cucumber management plan under review

The National Fisheries Authority is now in the process of reviewing the beche-de-mer or sea cucumber management plan.

This follows issues encountered during this year’s open season. 

Following the uplifting of the moratorium on beche-de-mer by Government, the National Fisheries Authority opened the harvesting season this April.

Coastal provinces grabbed the opportunity and raced out to fish for sea cucumbers, as they generate good money.

However, because of sustainability, NFA as the regulating body put in place Total Allowable Catch or TACs for each province.

According to the NFA managing director, John Kasu, all provinces have already reached their TACs.

This means the harvesting season is now closed until the next season opens in April next year.

Anyone caught fishing for beche-de-mer outside of the open season will be legally penalised. 

Kasu said NFA is now in the process of reviewing the management plan and prepare for next year’s open season.

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Charmaine Poriambep