Village elder concerned

Kirakira village in Port Moresby has been without water for three weeks.

Councillor Arutu Bake says the roadblocks this morning were a sign of frustration not only for themselves but for their women and children.

The councillor says the meeting with the NCD metropolitan superintendent is welcomed by him and his fellow elders, who would like to see a way forward with the issue.

The elder reiterated that this situation will hopefully be resolved as soon as dialogue is undertaken from all relevant parties concerned.

For now, the meeting between Eda Ranu and the elders is being chaired by the Metropolitan police commander, Perou N’Dranou, at the Boroko police station.

Villagers at Kirakira have set up roadblocks in frustration over their water being cut off by Eda Ranu.

Julianna Waeda