Woman served in child abduction case

A woman who is alleged to be involved in the abduction of a toddler from Gordons market has been served her court files by police investigators.

Cathyn Michael Ken, of Enga province, briefly appeared in court today over charges of child theft, unlawful detainment and extortion.  She is facing the charges with three others. They have also been served their court hand-up briefs.

Ken who told the court she has no intention to engage a lawyer, had her case adjourned to next month along with her co-accuseds.  

Police allege Ken with the three others from Laiagam district, Enga province, took a toddler who was then one year, 8-month old, from his mother at Gordon market, on 3 March 2016 around 11am before running off to Enga.

The child was allegedly stolen while the mother was attending to his older sibling, who was sick at the time.

Four days after the child went missing, the mother was contacted by a man, claiming to know the whereabouts of the child.

Flex cards and K20, 000 was demanded from the family for the safe return of the child.

This continued till November 1, 2017, where police used GPS tracking system to locate the sim card used to communicate with the family which led to the apprehend the man who was impersonating as a pastor and his wife at Manu Autoport in Port Moresby.  

Their arrest led investigators to the alleged child abductors, who were later flown into Port Moresby the next day from Enga.

The child was returned to his mother while the alleged abductors were arrested and charged with three counts of stealing a child, extortion and deprivation of liberty under the criminal code act.

Their case continues in the committal court, where the court will screen if there is enough evidence to put the case for trial in the National Court.

Sally Pokiton