Solomons MPs to elect new PM in a week

<p>This follows Monday's parliamentary vote of no-confidence which ousted Manasseh Sogavare as prime minister.</p>

<p>A notice has been issued by the Acting Governor General for parliament to convene next week.</p>

<p>Ajilon Nasiu said nominations must be made by 4:00pm this Friday.</p>

<p>Meanwhile, two main groups lobbying to form the new government have set up camps in Honiara hotels ahead of the vote.</p>

<p>Mr Sogavare's group, which lost the no-confidence vote by 27 votes to 23 in the 50-seat parliament, is now claiming to have a majority again.</p>

<p>A release from Mr Sogavare's office says MPs from the Democratic Alliance Party and Solomon Islands People's First Party have joined them to form the next coalition.</p>


<p><em>Photo:&nbsp;RNZI/ Koroi Hawkins</em></p>

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