Funky-Siporo Festivities Sports Finals

The Funky-Siporo Festivities Sports Competition at Gaverahia, Taurama Valley Road ended on Sunday 27th December.


The competitions started on November 20th with 16 teams each for men’s touch rugby 9s and women’s volleyball in pools A and B.  

Games progressed well throughout the season, and 12 teams made it to the end on Sunday.

It was a community initiative intended to keep the youth occupied and residents entertained during the festive period, and it turned out to be a success according to the game organisers and officials.

Sixteen teams contested for the men’s rugby nines and 16 teams for the women’s volleyball with each side competing for three team awards and three player awards respectively.  

The Post Courier came forward sponsored the full set of trophies and medals worth more than K3,000.

Of the 16 men’s teams, grand finalists were the Lagu Eels and NT Rabbitohs. The game kicked off with a minute’s silence for the loss of two players from the Eels team, during the season.

In respect of the Brian Bell premises used as the playing field, Caretaker, Mundu Kua was given the honour to kick off.

And after a tough challenge by both teams giving all they got, NT Rabbitohs won 2 tries to one, over the Eels. Meanwhile in the women’s division, grand finalists, FP Snax 1 vs Ambo Makus entered the match in style, however were unable to complete all five sets due to time. Ambo Makus won over FP Snax, two sets to one. 

Overall in the men’s divisions, competing for the bowl, Brian Bell Bull Dogs won MS Storms 1-nil, for the plate Hythes beat Imbokeri, with one nil.

In the women’s volleyball, Mix mates won 3 sets to 1 over Sebis Girls for the bowl and in the plate finals, Frangipani won Fox tribe 3-0.

Frieda Kana