More players needed in Super League: Albert

Bigger brother of Wellington and Stanton Albert, Dr Newton Albert, says the Super League is giving PNG players the opportunity to further excel in their rugby league careers.

Speaking before Wellington and Stanton left this week to join the Widnes Vikings, he said he hoped to see more PNG players being signed up to go play in the United Kingdom.

“I think the Super League is on par with the National Rugby League in Australia. In the Rugby League World Cup final, Australia only beat England by six points.

“This shows the Super League is equivalent to the NRL. We need more of our players playing in the Super League so we can give the Australians a good challenge.”

He finished by thanking the PNG Rugby Football League for moulding Wellington and Stanton to bring them to where they are today.

There are now six current PNG Kumuls players contracted to Super League clubs – Wellington Albert, Stanton Albert, Luke Page, Garry Lo, David Mead and Paul Aiton.

Troy Taule