Village court, police station needed: Officer

Furthermore, its village court officials hope to be recognised and included in the system.

Since their swearing in ceremony in 2010, the village court magistrate of Aseki Station in the Nanima-Kariba Rural LLG, Pupus Yawa, said they have no facility to operate from and there is no police officer to assist in law and order.

“So far mi gat tenpla ofisas; faivpla pis ofisas na faivpla mejistreit na wanpla klak,” he stated. (So far I have 10 officers; five peace officers and five magistrates and one clerk.)

Village birth attendant shares her story

While she does her utmost best to carry out her duty, her district’s infrastructural challenges place her patients’ lives at risk.

Village birth attendants play a critical role as they contribute toward an improvement in PNG’s maternal morbidity and mortality in remote areas.

Yawa, from Menyamya’s Nanima-Kariba Rural LLG, fights tooth and nail to save mothers and their babies. Her job turns into a nightmare for her and her charges as Aseki has no proper road while the nearest health centre lacks obstetrics and gynaecology equipment.