‘What legacy are we leaving behind for our children?’

They are Pym Mamindi and Pinjiki Wak from the Western Highlands Province.

“Why are our grown men allowing unproven, backward thinking mentality hold us back from going forward as a people. It is so easy to pick on the vulnerable women and children in our communities to channel our insecurities and fears, but what sort of a legacy are we leaving for our children and theirs to come?” asked Pinjiki Wak in disbelief.

Judge condemns police assault

Steve Agira, from Tatana village, outside Port Moresby, was at Ela Beach to meet a relative when he was forced to jump into a ten-seater filled with police officers.

The court found that Agira was then taken to the Boroko cell and stayed there for one month. He was later transferred to Bomana and remained there for approximately three months.

Deputy Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika says police officers are employees of a law enforcement agency and for them to assault people without any cause is wrong.

15 years for assaulting minor

He pleaded guilty to the offense, which he committed on the evening of 2 April last year, behind the family home’s pit toilet.

The man came home drunk that evening, between 7 and 8:30pm where he took the victim out and sexually assaulted the 7 year old, by inserting his penis in her mouth. He also fondled her genitals.

 Her father found them outside, after he passed out, as he was under the influence of alcohol.

Despite the plea, the age difference was a factor the court considered when deciding his sentence.

Chimbu man to stand trial

His son (19) and brother (29) will also stand trial after the Waigani District Court found sufficient evidence to commit their case for trial the National Court.

Magistrate Cosmas Bidar today made a ruling on their case after the lower court screened evidence produced by police.

They are expected to appear for listing on June 5.

Names in this article have been omitted due to the nature of allegations and the victim being a high school student.

Woman guilty of assaulting crew member

Brenda Cangah of Wara Kum, Hagen Central in the Western Highlands Province, was arrested on Oct 10 last year and charged with unlawful assault under section 6(3) of the Summary Offense Act.

Magistrate Laura Kuvi yesterday found Cangah, 33, (defendant) guilty of unlawfully assaulting Elisabeth David (complainant) after a trial was conducted.

Cangah will return to court next Thursday where submissions will be made on the appropriate sentence the court should impose on her. Her penalty sentence will be made known at a later date.

Sexual offenses within family unit increasing: PPC

Manus Acting Police Provincial Commander, Senior Inspector David Yapu, revealed this when raising his concerns over the increasing trend.

He is now appealing to the community leaders in the province to speak up about this immoral practise within the family unit following recent reported incidents of young girls being sexually assaulted by male members of their own families.

He is calling on families to work together with police to address these issues.

Australian man charged for assaulting, raping backpacker over 2 months

The 22-year-old woman was rescued on Sunday when the vehicle she was driving was pulled over in a routine traffic stop in rural Mitchell, approximately 350 miles west of state capital Brisbane, police said.

She was "visibly distressed" and had scratches and bruises on her neck and face, police added.

Police officers searched the vehicle she was in and the man, also 22, was found hiding in the back of the vehicle.

Manus MP furious over alleged assault of 10yo

He wants the accused perpetrator be made an example of.

The irate member is now demanding the removal of all those processed at the Manus centre before his people “rise up against them”.

“These are only the cases that are made public. There are many unreported.”

He says the refugee should be castrated.

“If it was my daughter, mi no nap ke lo kalabus!” (I will not care about going to jail.)

Abuse of process sees case dismissed

The court also raised issues on the abuse of police officers in arresting suspects without according their rights to silence.

The case stems from a fight that took place over a road block at the ATS settlement on Dec 23 last year which saw four men arrested and charged with the unlawful assault of a man.

Magistrate Laura Kuvi this week dismissed the case against 59-year-old Leo Pami from Komo, 27-year-old Koli Hangana from Koroba, 23-year-old Larry Wai and 23-year-old Samson Punga also from Komo Hela Province.

Man pleads guilty to assault over alcohol

Debaim Kewa appeared at the Boroko District Court this week after he was arrested and charged on Dec 15, 2016 for unlawfully assaulting a woman on Dec 13,2016 over alcohol.

Police allege that Kewa went to the complainant, Lina James around 5pm on Dec 13 last year while under the influence of alcohol and demanded he be given K50 so he can go and buy more alcohol.  The woman refused saying she had no money which prompted the attack.