ENB budget presented

Governor Nakikus Konga presented the K256 million budget to Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer, Charles Abel, yesterday in Port Moresby.

From the amount, the provincial government sum stands at K233,344,456 while the local level government’s budget stands at K22,820,800.

The ENB budget is framed against the Provincial Budget Framework Theme ‘Nurturing Sustainable Economic Growth and Development through Infrastructure and SME Development’.

​Election boss raises concern on funding

However, he is confident to deliver the election in the province on time despite this financial situation.

He said this election is dedicated to the people and they cannot sit and worry about the funding but to go ahead with the polling schedules.

Koupa told Loop PNG that the funds budgeted to them was less compared to the previous elections.

He claims they were only given K900,000 for the election operations.

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 Sir Michael presents last budget to Treasury

Sir Michael Somare who will retire from politics as the East Sepik Governor gave his last provincial budget to Treasury Minister Patrick Pruaitch on Wednesday in Port Moresby.



Opposition renewed calls on Government to amend 2017 Budget

Opposition Leader Don Polye in a statement said the alternative government proposes that a harsh taxation regime for housing allowances should be abolished.

He has described the government’s new taxation strategy for housing allowance as desperate and harsh.

“This is what I said in our Budget Reply. Taxation strategy for housing allowance is so harsh at the wrong time.

“It is a desperate action by the government to raise revenue when it has mismanaged the economy and country’s cash flow.

Do not press a panic button: Treasurer

Kua directed his questions to Treasurer Patrick Pruaitch during Parliament on Tuesday asking for an assurance about the 2017 Budget before the Government tabled it.

He claimed that the revenue had not been keeping phase with the expenditure component of the Budget.

“Can the Treasurer give us some assurance that he will be able to align the expenditure with the revenue so that we can be fully execute the budget before the end of the year?”

Polye warns of turbulent days ahead

Opposition Leader and former Treasurer, Don Polye in a statement warned that effects of the Government’s numerous borrowings and reckless spending in 2016 will be felt in the 2017 Budget cuts.

Polye warned that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his government will again pass the buck down to the consumers, especially the little people who he says will suffer the most.

“Kina is not strong anymore, taking a downward trend and the buying power is fast diminishing,” warns Polye.

Magisterial services allocated K38 million

As many departments and government agencies are apprehensive about the cuts to their recurrent or day to day budgets for 2016, the Magisterial Services will have to work with an allocated K38 million in 2016.

Minister for Justice and Attorney General Ano Pala in a statement, said from a requested budget of about K48 million in 2016, the Magisterial Services was only allocated K38 million, a shortfall of about K12 million.

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Miss PNG Abigail Havora crowned Miss Pacific Islands


Miss PNG Abigail Havora has been crowned Miss Pacific Islands 2015.


Rapatona secures second win in NSL


​ Polye blasts Budget as for “a few contractors’’

Opposition Leader Don Polye says that the government purposely sabotaged this by bulldozing the budget through Parliament.

He says  this is against the normal conventional approach to addressing the Budget as well as the Westminster system of government.

Polye says that the issue of the motion of no-confidence as well as the Budget will be addressed in due course pending his efforts to take legal action into the breached processes by the government.

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Soccer legend David Beckham in Mt Hagen


UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and international soccer legend David Beckham arrived at Mt Hagen, Western Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea this afternoon.