One dead, 2 injured from Enga clash: Police

The deceased, Sumo Siki, aged 26 of Aipus village, died instantly after being shot with a shotgun from the back, below his shoulders, on Saturday.

As of yesterday, two more men have been reported injured and are currently in critical condition at the Wabag General Hospital.

Wabag police station commander, Inspector John Wasakaman, said the killing was in retaliation between clansmen within the Sikir tribe and nearby Yakal tribes of Kaias village.

He said the mobile squad has been deployed from Laiagam and are on their way down to Wabag.

Kerema robbery allegedly led to regional clash

According to a resident, a man from the Highlands region had gone into town to purchase betelnut during the day when he was allegedly attacked by a known thug in the town.

The criminal forced the man to hand over his belongings but he refused, leading to him getting stabbed.

The witness said the victim's relatives later came in busloads during the night and attacked people in the town, where an innocent man was caught in the commotion and is now nursing serious injuries.

Locals frustrated with buai-related clashes

This is the cry of the people from neighbouring Central villages who witnessed what they described as another unnecessary buai incident that disturbed their peace.

According to a villager from west Mekeo, a few days ago, a man from the Highlands region was allegedly killed in Kerema town, Gulf Province, whilst on a buai trade trip there.

Relatives of the man, in busloads, retaliated and attacked people along the highway to Kerema.

A man in Kerema town is reportedly nursing serious slash wounds.

MKRL decision yet to be reached

After 100 minutes, the final between Tatana Island Fairfax and Baruni Eagles ended in a 22-22 draw yesterday at the Sir Hubert Murray Stadium.

Clashes after between supporters from both team only marred what was a highly entertaining match that even golden point couldn’t decide a winner.

Chairman of the MKRL, Pipi Dae Boe, said he is consulting the PNG Rugby Football League on the next course of action to take.

“I’m waiting on the PNGRFL to make a judgement then I will call for a press conference,” said Boe.

​Goilala people retaliate after discovering dead body

Martin Kepon Ratu's family was caught off guard at 5 this morning when some aggrieved Goilala people in the community attacked them in what was believed to be a retaliation.

According to police personnel on ground, the incident started when the body of a young man from Goilala was discovered in the early hours of this morning.

However, Ratu says his family has fallen victim to baseless assumptions.

"We were still asleep when the fight started. We had no idea they were going to attack because we did not know what started the fight,” the businessman stated.

Police monitoring tense Madang situation

Madang Provincial Police Commander Jacob Singura told Loop PNG that the conflict had started due to an incident that occurred two weeks ago when a 25-seater was supposedly held up by Sepiks youths along the Nagada/ RD Tuna road. This resulted in a Western Highlander man being badly beaten up and rushed to the Modilon General Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.