Training set for counselling curriculum for PNG

The Australian Counselling Association in conjunction with the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors have freely donated a number of subjects used in the Australian National Counselling curriculum to the committee to adapt to the PNG context.

PNG CA is keen to see professional counselling being provided for by well trained, qualified and certified counsellors in PNG who can provide counselling for various counselling needs.

Developing this curriculum will up-skill the counsellors to better serve people with various forms of counselling needs.

Safe homes need counselling: Manager

A safe home is a home that provides an alternative shelter to survivors of violence.

Tessie is a social worker and clinical manager at Family Support Centre.  

She has been involved with service providers, assisting survivors of gender-based violence all her working life.

“We see that a lot of survivors (in safe homes) stay longer than the two weeks. And while they are there, my belief is that counselling must still continue,” she said.

She furthers that it is important to get to know how they feel and help plan ahead.

Is it worth staying in a relationship for your kids

For couples with kids, it's not always that black and white.

But is staying for the children gifting them a nuclear family or a sacrifice that does more harm than good?

Relationships Australia counsellor Fiona Bennett says couples with children often try harder to save their relationship than those without.

"They can feel it's in the best interest for the children in terms of security, stability and good time with both parents," Ms Bennett says.

Tips to settle relationship conflicts

But sadly though, it is observed that violence exist in many relationships.

When trying to understand this, Willis explains that we come from different cultures with different mind sets so there will always be a difference in our understanding and opinions.

And when confronted with conflict, Willis advices on stepping back and letting the dust settle first.

“You both want to be correct but sometimes it is important to take a step and allow the situation cool off,” he says.

Here are a few tips:

Teenage magazine sparks anger over 'victim-blaming' rape advice

In the letter to Teenage magazine's agony aunt, the writer, apparently a teenage girl, said she was raped by a friend and had "no-one to turn to".

The Dear Kelly columnist said in reply that she had "acted like a girl who had been around" and should be "grateful he wore a condom".

It also added that she was too "naive".

The teenage girl recounted a series of events in which she had lied to her parents to stay over at a boy's place unsupervised.