Digicel Foundation

Digicel Foundation helps boost health services in South-Fly

The mobile health clinic is a ten seater vehicle which will come under the partnership between the province and Digicel as part of a Health Project for the South-Fly District.

According to the member for South-Fly, Sekie Agisa, the Western province faces hardships to deliver basic services especially in health and education.

He says that his district being the headquarters of the province still lacks the support to adequately and efficiently deliver such services.

39 graduate with early teaching certificate

A total of 15 teachers from the Central Province, 15 from the nation’s capital and 9 from Gulf Province were the focus of the main celebrated event.

Early Childhood Teaching representative, Mara Wape, upon welcoming the graduands, encouraged them to teach with passion and care for the children.

He said few have the passion to teach children to have very high success rates.

“You graduands came with this quality and the PNG Digicel Foundation has identified that quality in you.”

Rural Sepik schools receive classrooms

Jacob Malken, Senior School Inspector and Acting District Education Manager was overjoyed for the infrastructure development in his area stating that it was one of the strongest classrooms he has ever come across.

He said the classroom gives children access to a conducive learning environment and through the transformation, parents would be motivated to push their children to pursue education.

Foundation delivers despite logistical challenges

The country has many remote communities that are left behind on the education development journey simply because they cannot be reached.

One such rural and remote community is Tokoro Village in the Torokina LLG of South Bougainville District which is home to Tokoro Elementary School.

Only accessible by sea and with no access to telecommunications networks, the Tokoro Elementary School made a determined effort to overcome serious challenges to have their bid for development delivered to Digicel PNG Foundation.

​Double Independence celebrations for rural school

“To be funded a classroom is a blessing but to be rewarded with a library is a beautiful miracle!” Waima Elder Baki exclaimed at the opening ceremony.

The Waima Elementary School was established in 1995 by the United Church mission agency. It has classes from E prep to E1-2.

In 2015, they successfully applied for a double classroom worth K140,000. In the ensuing years, this humble little school in the village continued to show sustained improvement in attrition, increased enrolment in numbers, clean school grounds and they even built a picket fence to keep animals out.

Digicel Foundation: Education a key priority

The library is courtesy of Digicel PNG Foundation' rewards program.

The fully kitted library comes 2 years after the donation of the elementary classroom.

Before officially opening the library, Digicel PNG Foundation CEO, Beatrice Mahuru said education is the single biggest investment by Digicel PNG through the foundation.

"Human Resource is the most valuable assert any community and country has. Oil, gas and the extractive industry will deplete one day, but Human Resource will remain" she said.

​New learning centre for Gabagaba

CLC Kapa Structure for Gabagaba is expected to improve the village’s efforts and capacity in early childhood learning.

Yet, it is sad to say that many of these young enthusiastic learners, who strive every day to learn the alphabet, only enter into a formal education system where not all of them will have the opportunity to go further.

Gabagaba United Church chairman, Miria Ume, put that into perspective saying that early childhood learning is the first step at trying to bridge that widening gap.

Education gives children opportunity

This was highlighted at the recent launch of a new double classroom building at the Simola primary school along the Mushu coastline of the Vanimo Green District, Sandaun province.

Education is the single biggest opportunity that can be given to a child, and for this reason Digicel PNG Foundation is committed to delivering quality classrooms all around the country.

These classrooms can aid to help children have an environment that is conducive to their education.

‘We are all warriors and protectors of our communities’

Narara was invited by the Digicel PNG Foundation CEO Beatrice Mahuru to speak to recipients of the 2017 Men of Honour event at the Stanley Hotel on Saturday April 29, 2017.

In the third part of Granger Narara’s speech, he tells of his experiences and how a small group of Papua New Guineans pioneered flying in the early days.

He continues the third part of this speech …

Meet the 2017 Digicel Men of Honour!

Puana was one of 17 finalists nominated by an independent panel of judges made up of MoH inaugural winner Jimmy Drekore, Cassaundra Rangip, Dr Eric Kwa, David Terry, Sarah Haoda and new judges Betty Lovai and Dadi Toka Jnr.

After taking out the Ela Motors Education Champion Award category, Puana was voted by the judges as the most outstanding Man of Honour among other category winners because of his selfless pursuit of education for his people.

The recognition was bestowed at the prestigious Gala Event that took place last weekend at the Stanley Hotel in Port Moresby.