Gary Juffa

Tribal law will be enacted, Juffa warns

He said as a customary landowner and the leader of his Province, he has the right to enact tribal law.

The Governor said this during the Political Party Expo on Saturday (Nov 25).

In a fired up speech, Juffa called on Papua New Guineans to protect their land from any form of corruption and greed. And that includes implementing tribal law.

Juffa outlines investigations into illegal logging

The Governor made these observations after the recent inspection of Ifane Agro Forestry Project

Juffa outlined that the project has been done without the approval of his Office and the Provincial Executive Council.

He highlighted that public servants in provinces corroborated with PNGFA officials and dubious "landowners" to award permits via the PNGFA BOARD to logging pirates on the pretext of "tree growing" and "agricultural projects

Juffa calls for investigation into porter’s death

Juffa said he had already written to Police Commissioner Gari Baki to investigate the death of one Winterford Tauno along the Kokoda Track.

He demanded to know if the killing was manslaughter and charges should be brought against the Australian tour operator.

“I have received a number of recent reports that some Australian tour operators have been overloading their porters to keep costs down,” said the governor.

Tauno, who hailed from Buna, died on the second day of a trek organised by an Australian tour company, Getaway Trekking.

Northern hospitals suffering drugs shortage: Juffa

He said this following reports from the people of Oro on shortages of drugs in the hospitals and aid posts.

The governor says the funding constraint is virtually a death sentence for the most vulnerable, especially those living in rural areas.

Governor Juffa stated that he is getting constant reports from his people that their aid posts and hospitals were issuing prescriptions for drugs and sending them away; however not all these people can afford the drugs and feel that the free health policy is a let-down.

​Juffa, Bird praise govt’s plan

In a media conference yesterday with the Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel, the Governors said the plan is achievable and can be implemented in a coercive manner.

Bird said Abel’s idea in gauging the views of governors on certain issues in the province is good for the governance of the country.

He said governors have a clear view of what’s happening in the province and can articulate better on issues.

With the 100-Day Economic Stimulus Plan, Bird said although provinces have issues, many of them have never been given consideration.

VIDEO: Governors comment on 100-day plan

In a media conference today with the Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel, the Governors said the plan is achievable and can be implemented in a coercive manner. 


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​Juffa welcomes move by Ijivitari MP

Juffa told Loop PNG that he respects Masere’s decision to move as he has his own reasons.

However, he hope Masere’s move does not in any way prevent him from working with the provincial government in delivering the services that the people deserve.

He said Masere, along with Sohe MP Henry Amule, have made an agreement to work together regardless of which sides they are attached to.

“He’s still part of the Oro assembly and will continue to be part of the assembly.

​Juffa condemns Govt’s 100 Day plan

He specifically raised concerns on the reduction of the Provincial and District Services Improvement Program funds.

He said given the situation the country is facing, such funds are the only ones available to many districts and provinces to be able to meet the shortfalls from the lack of funding from the government via the recurrent and functional grants.

However, Juffa said most of the recurrent and functional grants have never been paid to districts and provinces.

VIDEO: Juffa Committed to deliver

He said even the most negative situation can be an educational positive outcome. 


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Juffa welcomes Kapavore’s appointment

Juffa said Public Service is a very important portfolio and urged Kapavore to table the findings of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Service.

“I believe it is a holistic approach to improving the welfare of public servants and introducing corporate values, including performance based contracts for all public servants.”

He said Kapavore needs support from all the leaders to drive the public service machinery forward.

Meanwhile, Juffa said public servants must be honest in their job and help deliver to the people in a transparent manner.