Gold Club Lamana

Nightmare before Christmas in POM

The Gold Club Lamana will feature a night based on a Tim Burton movie, which combines Halloween and Christmas, on December 23-24.

The theme is the initiative of the host, Adriana Loretta Sowei, known in town as the Doughnut Queen.

The 21-year-old is a self-taught baker who started from scratch only over a year ago.

Her small home-based bakery business has grown over the year.

The event is a fundraiser to purchase an industrial oven and display fridge to cater for the increasing demand.

She also hopes to assist with her father's tuition fee in 2018.

Tonight presents the best in PNG’s Hip Hop scene

Or just some mad Hip Hop sounds all night?

The last time was Nakamania hosted by Australian based Illuminaka records in 2014 at the Gold Club, Lamana.

After at least 2 years, Hip Hop music will once again be exclusively featured in a one night concert tonight, April 21.

Hip Hop night 2017 is hosted by one of PNG’s talented hip hop artists, Sprigga Mek.

“It’s just to show that apart from the other genre, Hip Hop is alive in PNG. And we hope to spread the culture to other centres,” said Sprigga.