Goroka by-election 2020

Police commended for efforts during by-election

He also thanked the people of Goroka for their respect in ensuring the court-ordered by-election was done.

Provincial Police Commander Superintendent, Michael Welly, thanked assisting members from within the Northern Command, including the Response Units and the local police, for demonstrating a great role in security assurance.

Cameras improved integrity of elections: Minister

“Following voting in Goroka last Thursday, I saw posts on social media suggesting the vote was marred by fighting over ballot papers, wide-scale vote rigging and violence. One candidate claimed that the security, and in particular the use of security cameras, was a ‘flop’.

Police set for today’s by-election

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Peter Guinness gave that assurance to both public, police and electoral Commission officials at the National Sports Institute (NSI) in Goroka yesterday.

“We will provide the by-elections for the people of Goroka electorate and I am confident we have enough personnel to deliver the polling.”

As the Divisional Commander, he has drawn more than 200 personnel from the command, which includes Lae Metro, Morobe and Madang personnel for the one-day polling.

Goroka by-election deferred to Sept 24

Sinai made the decision following a petition signed by 21 of the 22 candidates calling for the delay to sort out a number of issues and allegations.

Some of the issues raised in the petition included allegation of a certain print shop in Goroka printing ballot papers for distribution to the eight (8) polling places in an attempt to rig the by-election.

In response, the Acting Commissioner assured all the 22 candidates that all the ballot papers for Goroka by-election are well-secured and guarded.

Cameras to be used at polling stations

Police Minister Bryan Kramer said this from the capital of Eastern Highlands Province on Friday during an assessment of security preparations for the by-election.

“The cameras will be set up at each polling location to capture everyone voting as a deterrent to election rigging,” he stated.

“There are about 79 to 80 polling locations with about 160 polling teams.”

Kramer said in addition to the cameras at the polling stations, GoPro cameras will also be used during the transportation of all ballot boxes when polling is completed.

Goroka by-election date set

Manning said this decision was reached in a meeting between himself and the Acting Electoral Commissioner, Simon Sinai, and Police Minister Bryan Kramer. Instruments for the polling dates will be signed this week.

“This is a more realistic and comfortable date as it allows us to completely recover from the country’s 45th independence anniversary celebrations,” Manning clarified.

Three women candidates to contest Goroka by-election

The three women candidates include businesswoman Serina Heriso Kengermar, Surveyor Mary Pati and chairlady of Goroka Show and tour operator, Keryn Hargreaves.

Mary Pati was endorsed by Model Nation Party while Serina Heriso Kengermar and Keryn Hargreaves are Independent candidates.

“As Electoral Commissioner, I congratulate these three strong women who have put their hands up to contest the male dominated field and wish them all the best in their political endeavors.”

Controller orders deferral of Goroka by-election

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato confirmed receiving the order at 2:30pm this afternoon.

“In accordance with and in adherence to the order of the SoE Controller, I now further delay the conduct of Goroka by-election until after the COVID-19 State of Emergency ends on 2 June 2020.”

Gamato said funding was among the main reasons for the further delay of the Goroka by-election.

He explained that the government advised him late yesterday afternoon that there was no funding available to proceed with the by-election.