James Marape

Procurement process to be overhauled

Finance Minister James Marape recently told parliament that the entire procurement process needs to be revamped to ensure all procurement have a common registry and common filing system across the board.

“This is so that registry is able to be part of the government planning process.”

The process of the expenditure acquittal of provincial and district funds has also come under the radar, with the Minister stressing on the importance of daily reports culminating in a monthly and quarterly reports.

Petition against Marape continues to trial

Marape’s lawyer filed an application, to summarily dismiss one of the two petitions, that was filed against the Minister for Finance and Rural Development.

It was filed after Petitioner, Johnny Pokaya’s lawyers failed to comply with directions of the court, which were issued on September 13, to assist parties prepare themselves for trial.

Pokaya’s lawyer did not comply with orders to file witness statements by October 4, as they were dealing with another interlocutory application by Marape’s lawyers to have the case dismissed.

Marape hails church partnership

Speaking at the recent swearing-in ceremony of the Provincial Executive Council members in Tari, Marape commended Governor Philip Undialu for the wisdom to initiate such partnership with churches.

“I have committed myself to work with Governor Philip Undialu when it comes to developing the province”, he said.

“The Governor is the boss of the province and we must all learn to work together and learn to respect authority in place to run the province.

Komal appointed Deputy Speaker

Komal was nominated by Finance Minister James Marape and was seconded by Education Minister Nick Kuman.

The Opposition also nominated John Simon. He was nominated by Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil, seconded by Sinasina-Yongumugl MP Kerenga Kua.

After the secret ballot papers were distributed, Komal collected 57 votes while Simon collected 47.

A total of 104 secret ballot papers were distributed.

Meanwhile, the Parliament ha.sd been adjourned to Sept 26 at 2pm.

First Parliament session tomorrow

James Marape, who will continue to serve as the Leader of Government Business for the second successive term, continuing from 2012, says Parliament will use the session as the opening ceremony.

“We will have the opening ceremony and adjourn to 12th of September to give time for Government to prepare its businesses that will include a supplementary budget that government is looking into.”

He said one of the priority agenda to be tabled during the Parliament session is the Independent Commission Against Corruption bill.

Personal emoluments costs state K300 million annually

This was revealed by Finance Minister, James Marape, today during the National Parliament Induction Programme for Members of Parliament.

Marape said the amount has been the same for the last five years and there needs to be some tightening up on the cost.

He told Chief Secretary, Isaac Luapari, in the presence of MPs as well as Departmental Heads who were present, to clamp down on these expenditure and make it a part of the their ‘Key Performance Indicators’ (KPI’s).

Hela leaders committed to serve people

In a joined media conference today, Governor Philip Undialu, Tari Pori MP James Marape, Koroba Kopiago MP Manasseh Makiba and Komo Margarima MP Petrus Thomas, have committed to serving their people and nothing else.

Leading the young province, Governor Undialu called on all the leaders in the province to set aside personnel differences and work together for the good of Hela.

He said Hela has not been achieving any tangible service delivery since becoming a province because of the infighting among political leaders.

​PNC respects NA comments

Marape says they respect the view of NA if they feel they are a better alternative to a People’s National Congress-led coalition government.

This follows the announcement by Member-elect for Namatanai, Walter Schnaubelt, in Port Moresby this week that NA was confident of forming the next government.

NA was a major coalition partner under the PNC-led government.

Marape said PNC was equally confident and will have more members when they head into camp.

Gamato commends Tari-Pori electorate for delivering successful election

He said a lot of people have spoken negative about the 2017 National Elections but the people of Tari-Pori have come in big numbers to deliver their member-elect.

He added that this tells a different but a good and successful story which also indicated that the LPV Electoral System is a proven and tested system.

Gamato made these remarks during the official presentation of the return of writs for the Tari-Pori electorate today.

Gamato said despite all the critics, he is confident that the 2017 National Election will not be a failure.

Highlands region counting begins

Counting for Tari-Pori Open electorate commenced today.

After count five, sitting MP, James Marape, is leading with 3,315 votes.

On second place is Jonny Pokaya Philip with 792 votes and Michael Joseph Pajawi on 451 votes.

Counting for Komo-Margarima and Koroba-Kopiago has been disrupted because of the issue of a petition.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato says additional security personnel have been deployed to provide security at the disrupted venues.

In Eastern Highlands Province, counting will commence on Friday, July 7.