Justin Tkatchenko

Maru calls for visa outsourcing

Minister Maru said the delay in processing visa applications is a hindrance to trade and investment.

He said during his visit to India in December 2017, he was advised by individuals from various sectors about the delay in approving visas to PNG, which sometimes took months.

Minister Maru said countries around the world, even our nearest neighbours, have reformed their visa requirements and processes, making it much easier for persons from other countries to travel.

Lands minister working on SABL cases

Minister Justin Tkatchenko said the State Solicitor has created a checklist which the Department is now crosschecking with all issued SABLs.

He said this is to ensure the state has a watertight case to revoke illegal SABLs.

Speaking to Loop PNG, Tkatchenko said the checklist outlines the correct and legal means of obtaining SABLs.

“I’m doing things by the book, so that it never comes back to hit us, and then we can get on with the job,” stated the minister.

Tkatchenko aims to make customary land bankable

Tkatchenko said currently banks do not allow the use of customary land as security for loans or mortgages.

Tkatchenko said the meeting held on Thursday (Jan 18) aims to find solutions that will allow landowners access to finance or arrangements.

The meeting was held with commercial bank heads and risk assessment officers and lawyers, as well as other government agencies.

“Now we’re working out a system where the bank will accept the customary land title and make it bankable for the benefit for the people of our country,” Tkatchenko stated.

More upgrades for Koki Fish Market

2 kiosks are currently being built. These kiosks will sell fishing gears and other necessary products as well as normal store goods for people coming to the market.

Also, the public toilets will be renovated, with a complete upgrade to hotel standards.

According to Moresby South Member, Justin Tkatchenko, the toilets alone will cost K100,000.

“These will be very professionally done, just to ensure that our customers can have a proper, clean and healthy environment,” he said.

New Moresby South college on par

Local member Justin Tkatchenko says the foundation phase of the construction is 50 percent complete and assures his constituents to expect an institution that is of quality and of high standard.

The former Butuka Elementary and Primary School will be known as the Butuka Shenzhen College.

Anticipated to be completed in August this year, it will be the knowledge hub for the children of Moresby South and Port Moresby.

Most of the steel structures for the 55 classrooms, 12 staff houses and 1,000-seat multi-purpose assembly hall have been erected.

Koki youth get political support

The youth found their place in the recently opened fish market, by scaling and gutting fish for the market customers, who prefer this service.

Number of youth engaging in this has grown and has seen the market management step in to assist, by building two temporary sinks on the front jetty.

Tkatchenko today confirmed that he will upgrade the cleaning facility for them.

“We’re putting a big, full sized, stainless steel aluminium bench, with three galvanized taps. That will enable the boys to work in a clean, healthy safe environment.

Warships expected to boost APEC security

Minister for APEC Justin Tkatchenko revealed this on Friday but says the arrangement is yet to be confirmed.

He told this newsroom that security preparation is of paramount importance for the Government and Australia is stepping in to provide security on air and sea.

“We want other countries to know that our security preparations are fully intact.”

Minister Tkatchenko said people outside of our country are considered threats, not PNG residents.

A gentle giant

This is how former Sports Minister and Moresby South MP, Justin Tkatchenko, described the late Kato Ottio.

Minister Tkatchenko acknowledged Kato's achievements in such a short time.

He spoke of how he met the late Ottio on many occasions as Sports Minister, when the 23-year-old represented PNG in volleyball in 2013 at the Pacific Mini Games in Wallis and Futuna.

Minister Tkatchenko encouraged everyone to rise positively and learn from Ottio's short but wonderful life of sporting achievement.

We are APEC ready!

“APEC ready is the word that we will be using a lot because I’m very confident with the Prime Minister’s personal approach to this,” expressed a very confident APEC Minister, Justin Tkatchenko.

“We have the right people in place to lead APEC 2018, we can’t go wrong.”

Tkatchenko said more experts will be engaged in many different areas in the next 10 months. From security to statistics, they will ensure everything is done properly and correctly.

He confirmed that up to 200 meetings will be held in the lead up to the main APEC meetings in November this year.

Leaders pay tribute to Kato

“We share this time of sadness and grief with the immediate family of the Late Kato Ottio, truly humble individual and a rugby league icon and champion.

“Our condolences also to the Rugby League fraternity on the loss of a very promising young talent and a great ambassador of the game.

Both leaders urged citizens to refrain from making assumptions at this early stage adding that it is very important that the cause of death is priority, and a complete investigation is conducted.