Kavieng Open

Election petition on Kavieng seat filed

The petition was filed on Tuesday against the successful candidate Ian Ling-Stuckey.

Ling-Stuckey has been named as the first respondent while the Electoral Commission the second.

The notice of petition has taken effect and each respondent who wishes to defend the petition is to contact the Registrar of the National Court to obtain a copy of the petition.

It will be listed for hearing at a later date.

The National Alliance member was declared the new Member for Kavieng Open on July 20 by Returning Officer, Yuyu Lasbut.

Stuckey is new Kavieng MP!

Kavieng Returning Officer, Yuyu Lasbut, made the declaration for the Kavieng Open Seat as of 1.05pm today.

The National Alliance candidate polled 9,368 after exclusion 20 and reached over a 50% +1 absolute majority of 8,042.

Stuckey unseated People’s Progress Party leader Ben Micah and becomes a Member of Parliament for the third time.

His declaration this afternoon now increases the number of NA member-elects to 3.

Namatanai Open MP, Walter Schnaubelt, and South Bougainville MP, Timothy Masiu, were the other recently declared Members. 

COUNTING: Kavieng Open’s progressive result – after elimination 18

The progressive result:   

COUNTING: Kavieng Open progressive result – after elimination 7


Kavieng Open - after elimination 7


COUNTING: Kavieng Open progressive result – after elimination 6

Kavieng Open - after elimination 6  

COUNTING: Progressive results for Kavieng Open: After Count 18