Men of Honour

High flying pilot to speak at MOH night

The Men of Honour Awards is Digicel Foundation’s innovative campaign against violence, designed to create conversation around the issue for a pendulum shift in the attitudes by recognising ordinary men doing extraordinary deeds.

Digicel Foundation CEO, Beatrice Mahuru, said she was excited to hear the story of Captain Narara, whose tale of hard work and commitment can raise locals to become demanded international human resource.

Bundi people to receive free medical eye glasses

The glasses will be donated to eye patients for free by Community impact projects director Vincent Kumura this week.

The Men of Honour and the Community Ingenuity Award Winner will continue his community work in the rural areas and will be distributing the glasses during a health outreach program.

The outreach program will be carried out from Oct 10-12 at Snow Pass in Bundi.

The glasses were sent by Dr. Marc Richmond of California and were donated by individuals and organizations in the United States.

Men of Honour Award set for April

At the Gala Dinner, ordinary men who are doing extra ordinary things will be awarded through the Foundation’s Men of Honour campaign.

These Men of Honour that have been nominated by their communities for the roles they play as education champions, local investors, protectors, visionaries and leaders.

According to a statement from the Foundation, of the 88 nominations that they received, an independent panel of judges has selected 15 finalists.

2015 Men of Honour Awards launched

The event was held at the Digicel Learning Centre and was attended by members of the independent panel of judges and the 2014 Men of Honour winners including overall winner, Jimmy Drekore.

Digicel PNG Foundation chief executive officer Beatrice Mahuru welcomed all nominations for this year.

Nomination forms can be picked up from all Digicel retail outlets across the country and can also be downloaded from the Digicel Foundation website.