Minister for APEC

Warships expected to boost APEC security

Minister for APEC Justin Tkatchenko revealed this on Friday but says the arrangement is yet to be confirmed.

He told this newsroom that security preparation is of paramount importance for the Government and Australia is stepping in to provide security on air and sea.

“We want other countries to know that our security preparations are fully intact.”

Minister Tkatchenko said people outside of our country are considered threats, not PNG residents.

Informal Senior Officials Meeting starts today

When giving his opening remarks, Tkatchenko welcome the delegates and told them to use the meeting to get to know PNG better leading to the main APEC Summit in November next year.

He said PNG is ready to host the APEC come November and can no longer be a 'passenger' and look at other economies hosting the Summit.

"PNG is very serious in hosting the APEC and confident to deliver the Summit successfully."

He said just like any other economies facing global challenges, PNG is also facing similar challenges but are managing the challenges amicably.

Tkatchenko: SMEs need to be empowered

Minister for APEC, Justin Tkatchenko, said after the APEC Summit in Vietnam, lots will be learnt from the SME in Vietnam that will help SME businesses in the country.

"A similar concept by the Vietnamese SME can be done at Gordon market.

"We will empower men and women in this sector, if we give them opportunity to involve in SMEs."

Minister Tkatchenko added that Papua New Guineans need to be exposed in this area, and APEC will make a huge impact on such.

Transport Review to help standardise public transport

Transport and Infrastructure Minister, Malakai Tabar says this will see to strengthening the monitoring and licensing processes and guidelines for public transport, both PMV’s and taxis.

Tabar says they have accepted strong statements from people through the media and the department, along with the assistance from the Government and the APEC minister, for improvements will be made.