Moresby South

Moresby South officials commended

Speaking to media outside the counting venue, he said he was happy with how the count progressed quickly and the declaration made today.

Jimmy said while other seats for NCD were still facing issues such as allowances, including Moresby South, the counting officials proceeded to fast track counting.

He further commended Returning Officer, Michael Are, for a job well done.

​Tkatchenko declared!

Returning Officer Michael Are announced Tkatchenko as the returning Moresby South MP at 3.45pm today.

Flanked by incumbent NCD Governor Powes Parkop and Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, Tkatchenko signed the official writ for the seat confirming his victory.

It was a landslide win for Tkatchenko who, according to the final results, polled 19,983 votes, surpassing the absolute majority needed, which is 19,643.

In second place was Samson Kirilyo who polled 5,735 followed by Anna Skate, who polled 4,448 votes.

Hundreds gather for Moresby South declaration

Numbering in the hundreds, supporters are braving the heat, patiently waiting for the declaration.

They arrived as early as 9am in truckloads and PMVs displaying green shirts and flags as well as decorated vehicles.

Quality checks are currently being held at the counting venue.

The declaration is expected by 3pm today.

COUNTING: Moresby South to be declared

Despite a petition by candidates over several issues, the declaration is expected to go ahead.

After the final count 96, Tkatchenko polled 19,926 votes from the total allowable ballot papers of 37,741.

This is 1,054 votes more than the required 50 +1 (18, 871) voter preference to be declared winner.    

Quality checks for Moresby South tomorrow

After the final count of box 96 by 6 am today quality check was to be carried out however this was delayed due to issues raised by scrutineers and their candidates.

Meantime candidates of Moresby South have petitioned the Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, to halt quality checks immediately.

They allege foul play during the counting process in which their scrutineers were not present when counting was done at night for up to 60 ballot boxes.

However, Loop PNG understands that the quality checks will go ahead tomorrow.

Quality checks delayed for Moresby South

Returning Officer Michale Are did not confirm the exact issue but told Loop PNG it stems from counting.

Currently Are and counting officials are awaiting the scrutineers, who he said are discussing amongst themselves.

He said once they are ready then the quality checks may be done.

COUNTING: Moresby-South’s progressive result – after count 96

Moresby South - after count 96

Counting: Moresby South’s progressive result – after count 13

The officials took an hour’s break after count 13 today.

Progressive results as of 3pm this afternoon are as follows;



Loop PNG's 5@5

NCD Regional counting resumes

Counting has resumed for the National Capital District Regional seat.


Moresby South counting officially begins

Counting for the Moresby South seat has officially begun.

Moresby South counting officially begins

The first 16 ballot boxes are currently being presented by presiding and assistant presiding officers.

Moresby South Returning Officer Michael Are and his team aim to complete counting of a total of 96 ballot boxes.

This will be done by counting 16 ballot boxes per shift.

With three shifts per day, counting is expected to be completed within a week.

As at 3:40pm, the first 16 boxes have been presented without any disputes by scrutineers.

More to come.

(The first ballot box being opened)