Betel nut control laws not lifted: Parkop

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop explained that whilst the buai ban has been lifted in terms of bringing betel nut into the city, however laws that are part of the betel nut control laws have not been lifted.

“This is something the general public within the city has to be clear about.”

Parkop spelt out that some of the betel nut control laws like no trading in public places and certain areas of the city.

VIDEO: State Leases given to NCDC

The State Leases were for Public Space and Road Reserves for NCD.


Annette Kora with more 


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NCD identified as TB Hotspot

TB has been high in the country, particularly in densely populated areas.

The National Capital District has been identified as the most important and visible “TB Hotspot”.

It carries the highest TB burden, four times higher than the national average notification rate.

According to Businesses4Health:TB, an NGO pushing to reduce TB statistics, NCD is vulnerable given high population mobility, poor basic TB control and crowded settlements.

It records high rate of drug susceptible (DS) TB, drug resistant (DR) TB and issues around TB-HIV co-infection.

VIDEO: Calls to cater for vendors

This was stated by the NCDC market planning and contracts supervisor Rex Kuman.


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Rental fees for Boroko market

This means daily fees of K2 will no longer be effective when sales begin.

NCD Market Manager, Charlie Pengi, said market spaces will have to be rented according to the number of days a market vendor wants to sell his or her produce.

Pengi said the market spaces are not for the vendor to own and keep for good and depending on the number of days they want to keep selling their produce; they have to pay for that set amount of days.

One day is equivalent to K2.

More markets to be built within NCD

NCD market manager, Charlie Pengi, said this after the opening of the new Boroko market earlier Friday.

Pengi told Loop PNG that plans are currently underway to develop small markets within and around city limits.

“Mushroom and informal markets are popping up everywhere in the city.”

He said NCDC is looking at developing those small markets as well to make sure that the population of market goers is distributed fairly throughout the city.

He added that these markets will mainly focus on fresh produce.

6-month grace period for chewers, vendors

This is to see if residents appreciate the city.

Governor for NCD, Powes Parkop, in a recent post on his social media page, said this is to show if they really care and value the city and not just here to make money.

“I need the vendors and chewers to show they have and are changing. I am not a policeman to chase you all around and compel you all to change! Have some respect and show responsibility.”

He said six months from September, the ban will be put back in place.

Six mile situation contained: Tundu

Loop PNG this morning observed normal flow of traffic with weekend business going about as per usual.

Although yesterday turned sour for some supporters of a winning candidate at the main six mile market, it was noted that situation has been contained by police.

Superintendent for Operations, Fred Tundu says that police have contained the situation and maintaining police presence in the area.

A few incidents of drink driving had also caused inconveniences at the main traffic lights yesterday but Tundu says it has all been taken sorted out.

NCD regional counting results - after count 341

Progressive results are as follows;

  1. Powes Parkop (SDP) - 38, 209
  2. Andy Bawa (IND)- 19,159
  3. Michael Kandiu(IND) - 16,411
  4. Robert Agen(IND ) - 8,047
  5. Paul Paraka (GRUF) - 5,965

So far, counting is slow but is progressing well.

Officials have returned back from recess and will resume with count 342 shortly.

More updates on Loop PNG.

NCD regional progressive results - after count 63

The count currently stands at 64.

Progressive results as of 9am has seen some changes in the top 5 running candidates.

Powes Parkop is still in the lead with 6,686 votes, Andy Bawa with 3,229 votes and Michael Kandiu with 3,081 votes. 

Robert Agen and Jamie Maxton Graham have both dropped out of the top 5 category.