Six mile situation contained: Tundu

Loop PNG this morning observed normal flow of traffic with weekend business going about as per usual.

Although yesterday turned sour for some supporters of a winning candidate at the main six mile market, it was noted that situation has been contained by police.

Superintendent for Operations, Fred Tundu says that police have contained the situation and maintaining police presence in the area.

A few incidents of drink driving had also caused inconveniences at the main traffic lights yesterday but Tundu says it has all been taken sorted out.

NCD regional counting results - after count 341

Progressive results are as follows;

  1. Powes Parkop (SDP) - 38, 209
  2. Andy Bawa (IND)- 19,159
  3. Michael Kandiu(IND) - 16,411
  4. Robert Agen(IND ) - 8,047
  5. Paul Paraka (GRUF) - 5,965

So far, counting is slow but is progressing well.

Officials have returned back from recess and will resume with count 342 shortly.

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NCD regional progressive results - after count 63

The count currently stands at 64.

Progressive results as of 9am has seen some changes in the top 5 running candidates.

Powes Parkop is still in the lead with 6,686 votes, Andy Bawa with 3,229 votes and Michael Kandiu with 3,081 votes. 

Robert Agen and Jamie Maxton Graham have both dropped out of the top 5 category.

Counting for NCD regional seat progressing well

Officials and scrutineers have signed in and have taken their seats.

The count currently stands at 41 with count 42, 43 and 45 in motion now.

Progressive results as of 12pm today are as follows; Powes Parkop is still in the lead with 4,551votes, Michael Kandiu with 2,159 votes , Andy Bawa with 1,693 votes, Robert Agen trailing in fourth place with 793 votes followed by Jamie Maxton Graham with 681 votes.

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Slow start to scheduled NCD counting

Counting officials, who turned up as early as 8am, are still waiting to be given access into the counting venue at the Rita Flynn Sporting complex.

Only a handful of Electoral officers are present while heavily armed police personnel man the entrance and parameter of the venue.

Ballot boxes remain locked up at the site.

More updates to follow.

Domestic violence increasing in NCD


The opening of the new FSC building plays a key part in expanding work space to cater for more victims to come and get the much needed help available in the Centre.

FSC Health Extension Officer, Olivia Ephraim said the centre receives 20 new cases every day and this excludes the follow ups.

The centre has four medicals, two HEO’s, three support staffs and councilors’ and three social workers showing a lack in manpower.

NCD electorates register more independent candidates

Assistant Returning Officer (ARO) for  Moresby Northeast Electorate accepted one candidate yesterday, bringing the total to six candidates as of 5pm yesterday.

Two from the six are contesting under a party – John Kaupa with PNG National Party and Andrew Mald with THE Party.

Two more nominations for Northwest Electorate were accepted yesterday bringing the total to seven candidates as of 5pm. Only one candidate is under a party – Eddie Aila with Melanesia Alliance Party.

Nomination of candidates slow in capital

As of 4pm today, four candidates' nominations were accepted by the NCD's Election Manager and Returning Officer Terrence Hetinu,  who said nominations have been slow.

The first to nominate yesterday for North West was Micros Nea, an independent candidate at 4:47pm.

Today, former Chairman of Motu Koitabu Council Miria Ikupu nominated at 1:40pm. He will be running as an Independent candidate.

Politicians settle decade-long feud

The duo did a public reconciliation at the Jack Pidik Park today to announce to the public their decision now that Vele will be contesting the Rigo Open.

Vele and Parkop were rivals contesting the Governor’s seat in 2007 and 2012.

Electoral coordinator of NCD governor, Lawrence Martin said the reconciliation is a process to combine forces and introduce corporation from Vele’s supporters in NCD to help Parkop contest in this election.

Parkop was 15 minutes late: former aide

Terence Moka told Loop PNG that comments on Facebook and from certain media organization that Governor Parkop came more than an hour late for the farewell  of East Sepik Governor and PNG’s first Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare is untrue.  

“I was there at the Stadium, and Governor Parkop came 15 minutes late,” Moka said.

He said plans were cancel the event because of the rain but because Sir Michael had already arrived at Sir Hubert Murray Stadium, the event had to proceed and Governor Parkop had to rush to the stadium.