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NCD urban safety officials not recognized by police

The Supt Ops reiterated this following much discrimination and criticism from the public after countless incidences involving the NCD urban safety officials.

 The superintendent operations said such cases were a result of Urban safety men wearing police uniforms to perform their duties; sometimes in very inappropriate ways.

Tundu said there has also been public discrimination against police, even on social media – where they are criticized for many of the actions they did not perform.

Execution style killing

Describing the incident as an execution, NCD Metropolitan police commander, Ben Turi says that Konga was followed by his killers in two separate vehicles.

At around 1am, Konga was driving along the Freeway towards Hohola where he resides, when he was shot.

Initial reports say that the victim was tailed by a White 5 Door Toyota Landcruiser from the Tunnel peel off behind the Stop and Shop Waigani Central side route, then cut off by a Green 5th element Ute in front of the Hastings Deering area.

NCD police unit receive support for operations

The laptop was presented to Tundu by the Managing Director of National Development Bank..

The Superintendent Operations was pleased with the donation and assured the MD that the equipment will be put into good use.

He further stressed that technology is increasing and criminals are making use of it to commit crimes, adding that because of this the police have to be equipped with the right technology to combat crimes.

This donation will be used to facilitate for the newly created Facebook page for the unit called "NCD Superintendent Operation Support Unit".


Six mile situation contained: Tundu

Loop PNG this morning observed normal flow of traffic with weekend business going about as per usual.

Although yesterday turned sour for some supporters of a winning candidate at the main six mile market, it was noted that situation has been contained by police.

Superintendent for Operations, Fred Tundu says that police have contained the situation and maintaining police presence in the area.

A few incidents of drink driving had also caused inconveniences at the main traffic lights yesterday but Tundu says it has all been taken sorted out.

Drug dealer appears in court

The 40 year old man was charged for being in possession of dangerous drugs.

Paul David from Eastern Highlands Province was caught with 30 kilograms of marijuana on Saturday at six mile.

According to police, they got hold of David following a chain of arrests.

 Police reported that they apprehended one of David’s dealers at the Erima Flyover bridge who led them to him.

The dealer was caught when police busted three Primary school students smoking the drug under the fly over.

Police out on full force

This is the location where the votes for NCD Regional and Moresby North West seats are being counted.

Loop PNG observed police out on full force as every counting official and scrutineers bags and pockets were being checked before entering the counting premises.

With only two scrutineers allowed into the counting facility, other scrutineer spectators could be seen watching from outside the fence.

Also this morning, the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi paid a visit to check up on the progress of the officers.

​NCD police on high alert: Inspector

Inspector Mark Mosinakave said there is enough manpower to respond to crime alerts in the city.

He highlighted that only selected police personnel are currently on duty at the three counting venues in NCD.

Inspector Mosinakave said criminals and opportunists should not take advantage of the counting underway as police officers are always on alert.

This follows a robbery yesterday at a Stop N Shop Supermarket located at Rainbow, where a suspect was apprehended by police after robbing the supermarket.

VIDEO: Police ready for NCD counting

Turi stated this following the many issues, including the allegations of assault by police officials on candidates and other issues that are halting the progress of National Elections 2017.


Imelda Wavik with more 

NCD police beef up operations

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Commander Ben Turi says that the security operations for the NCD elections process will be lifted up a notch in preparation for the counting period and eventually the declaration.

Turi is adamant that all operations will flow smoothly into the beginning of the counting period set for some time this week.

He adds that the incident that occurred yesterday at the Rita Flynn courts has forced police security to be beefed up.   

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent described the incident as being forced upon by desperate candidates.

VIDEO: Police investigate road accident

NCD Traffic, Officer in Charge, Inspector Philip Koliadi said the incident happened around 7pm Friday night.

A coaster bus travelling from June Valley to Waigani knocked down a male adult, Mr Alu Mane.

Reports collected by police alleges that the victim was standing in the middle of the road. 


Charmaine Poriambep reports