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VIDEO: Leaders call for fair count

The leaders who travelled to Port Moresby to deliver the petition said counting has been marred by the illegal conduct of unauthorized individuals which has resulted in violence and destruction.


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SHP leaders call for boxes to be counted

The leaders, who travelled to Port Moresby to deliver the petition, said counting has been marred by the illegal conduct of unauthorised individuals, which has resulted in violence and destruction.

The leaders claim that out of 648 ballot boxes counted so far, only 462 were legally counted, 84 boxes illegally set aside, and 101 boxes counted by an illegal Returning Officer, Francis Akol, appointed by David Wakias.

The leaders called on Gamato to have the remaining 83 boxes counted and the purported 101 illegal boxes disregarded.

EHP regional writ presented

Dressed in bright green attires, election officials as well as the Acting Provincial Administrator, Samson Akunai and Provincial Returning Officer Ikiso Kosanama, accompanied EHP Election Manager, Steven Kaupa, as he presented the writ to Gamato.

The Return of Writs was conducted on July 28th, a week after the original designated date, due to some areas not completing counting in time.

Gamato apologises to late Kalpa’s families

He clarified in a statement today that the Returning Officer, who declared Nick Kuman as Member-elect for Gumine Open electorate in Simbu and signed the writ, was Fredy Yaun and not the late Peter Kalpa.

“It was in fact an error on the part of my officers who prepared my statement for the press conference in not confirming the correct name of the Returning Officer who declared Nick Kuman here in Port Moresby.

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Gamato approved a dead man’s signature

The PNG Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, has accepted an Election Writ signed by a deceased returning officer.


Gamato comes clear on using deceased’s name

Gamato comes clear on using deceased’s name

Gamato said it was misquotation on their part.

He said the Electoral Commission is now working on a media statement to correct the name of the returning officer and will retract his statement.

Gamato’s misquotation has however, resulted in a court order that is currently in place, preventing both Nick Kuman and Lukas Dekena from participating in parliament until the case is determined. 

VIDEO: PNG Electoral Commissioner August 1st address

This is Loop PNG’s LIVE broadcast from the PNG Electoral Commissioner’s Press Conference currently taking place.


Declaration of Southern Highlands Provincial seat invalid

Powi is a People’s National Congress Party candidate defending his seat in the 2017 National Election.

“I rejected the declaration because they have yet to reach the absolute majority mark,” Gamato told Loop PNG this afternoon.  

He added that counting must first be completed before a winner can be declared.  

However, Powi and Provincial Returning Officer Jacob Kurap in a media conference today claimed the declaration was valid and in line with the Organic Laws of Provincial and Local Level Government Elections.

Confusion over parliament sitting date

On Friday July 21 the Governor General, Grand Chief Sir Bob Dadae, advised of the calling of the parliament at 10 am on Monday July 31 following consultation with the outgoing Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and speaker. The notice was published in the national gazette G538 and signed by the Governor General.

But last week officials at Government House said the national gazette G538 had been put aside and a new one issued to advise that the parliament sitting will be held next Friday August 4 at 10 am in the morning. 

RO Havara will be referred to police

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said Moka Havara will be referred for investigation once the electoral process is completed.

He described the incident on Thursday at the Airways hotel as unfortunate.

Havara could not be located on Thursday morning to declare Sir Mekere Morauta after he surpassed the absolute majority.

The announcement was made at 9am but the declaration took place three hours later.

He was however at Airways declaring Joseph Tonde as member elect.