Peter O'Neill

9 candidates for Ialibu Pangia so far

This includes the sitting member and Prime Minister Peter O’Neill who nominated last Friday to retain his seat.

Returning officer, Michael Ariando is expecting one or two more nominations before the close at 4:06pm today.

Ariando is looking at least 11 candidates for the Ialibu Pangia electorate this election compared to 2012 when the total number of candidates contesting was just 8, one of the lowest in the country.

Nominations up there he says has been quiet as the nomination week winds down.

O’Neill challenges critics to prove criticisms

O’Neill said his government has delivered to the people compared to previous governments.

“We have not spent time talking or criticising others but have implemented our party policies which have benefited the people.”

He said so many criticisms have been raised to destabilise the Government but have been proven to be just mere criticisms from critics based on their self-interest.

O’Neill further added that since the formation of the government, they have been faithful to their commitments and implement them accordingly.

Cost of pigs increase during election period in Highlands region

One of the most valuable livestock involved in the elections are the use of pigs.

Giving pigs to supporters shows the value a leader has.

Loop PNG who recently witnessed the election event in Nipa district of Southern Highlands came across a pig worth K15,000.

The pig was given to Prime Minister Peter O'Neill who is a special guest at the event.

Pigs are very important in the traditional culture of the Highlands people.

It speaks of wealth and leadership quality one has.


Ialibu-Pangia gears up for Prime Minister’s nomination

O’Neill is in Mendi and is expected to arrive anytime soon. People have lined the road with placards, banners, painted vehicles all showing support for the Prime Minister and his PNC Party.

O’Neill nominates in Pangia today to retain his Ialibu-Pangia seat. It is too early to know how many candidates will be contesting in this electorate.

 Loop PNG will provide the complete information of the number of candidates running against the Prime Minister by the close of nomination next week.

O’Neill’s Easter message to the nation

“Throughout Christian communities in cities, towns and villages around our Nation, we celebrate our Faith. This Easter we will again be reminded of the enormous sacrifice that Our Lord and Saviour made on the cross on the first Good Friday.

“On Easter Sunday, the sadness of his suffering will be replaced by the glory of his resurrection. The good will overcome evil, which will strengthen the foundations for our Christian church that serves our nation so well today.

PM pays tribute to Susan Huhume

“It is with sadness that we have learned of the passing of the designer of our Nation’s flag, Susan Karike Huhume,” Prime Minister O’Neill said.

“Her simple and very effective visual creation is one of the symbols that binds our people together and builds a feeling of unity.

“The fact that a fifteen-year-old girl, as she was in 1971, could design such an iconic image of our country speaks of the talent she had.

Australia’s PM departs Port Moresby

Turnbull arrived on Friday evening for his official state visit to Australia’s former colony and largest aid recipient.

Yesterday, Turnbull visited the Isurava Memorial Site in Northern Province and Bomana War Cemetery in Port Moresby, to pay respect to former veterans who fought against the Japanese advancement towards Port Moresby in 1942.

Also, native Papua New Guineans were used as aids and carriers by Australians during the Kokoda Battle in World War II.

Turnbull’s visit to focus on trade, education

In a statement, PM Malcolm Turnbull said: “I will spend 7-9 April in Papua New Guinea and 9-12 April in New Delhi and Mumbai.

“During my time in PNG, I will meet with Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and visit the Kokoda Track to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the New Guinea Campaign in World War Two.

“The visit is an opportunity to build upon our bilateral economic relationships in the Pacific, and will involve multiple business events, including a joint Australia-PNG Entrepreneur and Innovation Showcase.”

Sir Mekere questions timing of Turnbull’s visit

Sir Mekere said Turnbull came to office in September 2015 – over 18 months ago. 

“In all that time, he has visited many countries, all over the world. He has not found time to visit Papua New Guinea, one of Australia’s most important neighbours.

“Why come now? What is so important now that cannot be dealt with by officials?”

Sir Mekere said the two Prime Ministers met in Australia a few weeks ago.

“They have met countless times at APEC, Pacific Islands’ Forum Leaders’ meetings, UN meetings, etc.

Village magistrate payments queried

Member for Sinasina Yongomugl and former Attorney General, Kerenga Kua was concerned that although the government passed legislations two years ago to have councillors and village magistrates on a fortnightly salary, many have missed out.

He said councillors were like the government in the wards but many of them have not been paid in the last 6 months.