Policemen injured in Kundiawa fight

According to the Simbu Provincial Police Commander, one policeman received serious injuries to his head while the other is nursing minor injuries to his body.

Simbu PPC, David Siene, said the fight was a spill over from a minor confrontation that occurred on Monday afternoon between some youths.

He said while police are yet to establish concrete information on what actually caused the fight, they were briefed that the clash started due to pickpocketing.

Planned protest march dismissed

According to Chief Inspector Timothy Pomoso, who is standing in for the Lae metropolitan superintendent, says though police were informed of a planned protest on Monday morning, the planned protest was dismissed.

In earlier reports, a spokesperson for the workers had raised concerns of their remunerations and their working times, which they had brought across with a stop work strike.

However, spokesperson Mathew Som confirmed with TVWAN News that the situation has been contained and all workers have been informed to go back to work.

Police need working vehicles!

This ongoing issue is one major setback faced in the Police hierarchy, says NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi.

Turi said many of the vehicles have been used for years without servicing, while some police stations experience a shortage of vehicles.

“A police vehicle is one of the most important aspects in policing; it is an obvious asset that will enable police personnel to move around freely,” says the commander. 

At times, complaints go unattended or criminals easily escape because of the absence or the condition of vehicles.

2 dead, several injured in POM clash

The incident was allegedly instigated by a woman vendor at one of the community markets just near the settlement.

The clash started yesterday and is still ongoing between two communities from Mt Hagen and Pangia.

Police are now at the scene as situation is very tense, while the two sides are armed with dangerous weapons.

Gerehu police station commander, Robert Kurei, confirmed with TVWAN that two were killed yesterday while a number of injuries have been reported.

The deceased are from Pangia, Southern Highlands Province.

​Do not buy vehicles on the street: Turi

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, says police have gotten intel that criminals steal vehicles then restyle them.

The new-look vehicles are then sold to unsuspecting buyers.

When this transaction takes place, the buyer becomes an accomplice.

Turi says it is unwise to purchase illegally – when vehicles are sold without proper documents, it only means that it has been stolen and people should refrain from buying them.

One of the attractions would be the low pricing of the vehicles.

It's time to rethink how we treat child sex offenders

But having spoken to several over the years, I now can.

Some readers may find the concepts in this article confronting.

Many were damaged as children, and while that is no excuse, healing that damage may be the most effective way to prevent the sexual abuse of children.

You might find this approach scandalous, or think that I'm supportive or lenient or condoning the abuse of children. I am not.

I am not an apologist for anyone who hurts, or even thinks about hurting, a child.

Roadblock leads to six arrests

There was a blockade set up by the people of Eboa village along the Hiritano Highway on Tuesday, Sept 19.

The illegal roadblock was set up in retaliation to a fight that erupted after the independence 9s rugby tournament of the Kairuku Member's cup.

The main highway was blocked off since Tuesday where the inland Mekeo villagers were not permitted to go through.

Central police commander Laimo Asi personally visited the roadblock and had it forcefully removed.

VIDEO: Police Post Independence Reports

A number of Provincial Police Commanders have thanked locals in their respective provinces for celebrating in good fashion. 


Charmaine Poriambep with more 


​Police commanders report peaceful celebrations

Apart from drunken youths disturbing communities, police in most provinces were out in full force during the Independence weekend to ensure everyone celebrated Independence peacefully.

Provincial Police Commander for New Ireland, John Midi, said he was grateful to the local communities in the province for ensuring that the youths were kept in line with traditional values.

“Thus, celebrating the country’s independence peacefully.”

Similar reports came from the Manus PPC, David Yapu.

Catholic Archdiocese falls victim to break-ins

The first incident occurred on September 13 (Wednesday), when an intruder came in twice into their office at Five-Mile, pretending to look for ‘The Voice’ office.

Ariel Adraincem, a property consultant/volunteer with the archdiocese, told Loop PNG: “Around 11:30am, he sat in front of me inside my office while I was having a conversation with some visitors. I noticed him so I asked him what he was doing in my office.