Robert Agarobe

VIDEO: Agarobe calls for a united Central

These were his remarks during the recently held Central Provincial Day held in Port Moresby.


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Start thinking Central Province: Agarobe

This was the message from Governor for Central Province, Robert Agarobe, during yesterday’s Central Provincial Day at the Sir John Guise stadium.

Since the concept of hosting provincial days was adopted in 2012, the Central Province Students Association of UPNG has always been in the frontline in getting the event organised for their province.

Governor Agarobe thanked the students’ association and welcomed everyone that attended.

Central Governor encourages team work


Governor Agarobe met with the Chief Executive Officers of the five districts recently, and said it was important to know his team and develop a common interest in serving the people of Central Province.

The Central Governor was keen on an open door policy, where any member of the Provincial Management team can talk to him about matters affecting their people, so that change can happen.

He also shared plans of rebranding the province, where any requests or proposals from districts and communities, must come direct from the office of open members only.

Market access for locals

He says his people struggle to bring their produce into the city to sell, but this time he plans on cutting off that burden by creating intervention measures at the district level.

This was one of his many agendas highlighted during the official swearing in ceremony of Central Province leaders into the provincial assembly yesterday.

The Central Governor, along with the other 4 national Central province leaders, were officially welcomed to the Central Provincial Assembly.

Temu pledges to support Agarobe

During the swearing in ceremony of the Central Provincial Assembly, Temu reassured the Governor that he will support the vision he has for the province.

Temu, who is in his fourth term as Abau MP, said during his political career, he has not witnessed any cooperation between Central Province MPs.

However, he said he already sees a change coming with Agarobe at the helm and with their support, will develop the province in unison.

Governor Agarobe’s ultimate vision is for an economically independent Central Province.

Economic independence for Central Province

Speaking following the swearing in of himself and four other MPs into the Central Provincial Assembly, Agarobe said he wants to ensure that the province is financially independent.

The Open members include Abau MP Sir Puka Temu, Kairuku-Hiri MP Peter Isoaimo, Goilala MP William Samb and Rigo MP Lekwa Gure.

Agarobe highlighted three major reforms that he envisions will transform the province in a major way.

Agarobe urges Papuan leaders to stand together

In a statement, the Governor said: “Here in Central Province, the people have been clear in their choice of leadership. Out of the five members elected to Parliament, only one affiliates with the Alotau camp, and that is the member re-elect for Abau, Sir Puka Temu. 

“We have each campaigned to get mandate from our people to serve them, but let us be united to serve them.

“We must act and act as a team to restore a government for all that’s serious about real and equal service delivery.”

Agarobe tightlipped on joining camps

Agarobe said after his declaration that he has already been approached by parties and camps but did not give much away.

“At the moment, (there’s) no confirmation yet. It depends but I can’t talk about it yet,” said Agarobe.

However he said he has always known what he would do.

“I’ve always had a pan and it’s in line with my campaign plan. When I ran my campaign, we had a plan in place.”

One of the first things Agarobe will look into is the Administrative process.

VIDEO: Agarobe assures Central people

Agarobe said this during his official declaration as the Governor Elect for Central Province this afternoon

He said he will not let the people of central down and every decision he makes will be in the best interest of the people.


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Work for your people, administrator tells Agarobe

He also called on Agarobe to work closely with the four elected open members of the Province to bring service to the people.

Raga was present at the declaration ceremony for the seat and congratulated Agarobe on his win.

He said it was a tough journey at the start of the issue of writs till now and commended all officials and security personnel involved in the counting, culminating in the declaration.

Raga pledged his and the administration of the Provincial Government’s support to Agarobe.