Sprigga Mek

PNG All-Stars inspire kids at Chiara Learning Centre

The PNG All-Stars consist of local artists who raise funds for the PNG Children’s Foundation (PNGCF).

The artists will perform at a charity concert scheduled on Saturday, August 5 at the Lamana Gold Club where all proceeds from presold tickets and gate sales will go to the PNGCF.

Organiser Jacquie Simons confirmed that all proceeds will help build a new classroom for the school.

The artists that visited the learning centre were O-FouR, Sprigga Mek, Moses Tau, Mereani Masani and two members of the Planet Native's Band.

Crime does not pay: Sprigga Mek

His latest song Hatwok Mahn released two months ago stresses on this.

The song’s hook goes:

Hatwok mahn no sa pleiplei

Maski luswik i makim kamap pei dei

Hatwok meri no sa waitim

Mahn lo givim ol mani ol sa mekim

Speaking about his music, Sprigga said he hopes to spread positive message with it.

Hatwok Mahn, he says is about the normal hustle and grind from when you wake up to when the sun goes down.

“It’s about the honest hustle,” he said.

Kundu Pairap tour combines old and new artists

Names mentioned are Hip hop’s Sprigga Mek, Mal Maninga Kuri, Bata Rods, Tarvin Toune and upcoming artists from the local singing competition – Vocal Fusion, in the likes of Isaiah Manao, Junior Elizah and McSteve Polly.

The tour begins in Port Moresby, with the first performance at the Cosmopolitan Club on May 26.

Songs Meri Murumbu by Junior Elizah and McSteve Polly, Hatwok Mahn by Sprigga Mek and She Beautiful by Bata Rods and McSteve Polly will officially be launched then.

2017 is year of Heavy Metal

Next is the POM Metal Fest coming in May 6, a night dedicated to heavy metal music.

Yes! Heavy metal fans in the country are making a statement.

2017 is the year of metal!

This is only the beginning, but it did not quite start here.

This is a movement of a culture that goes back to the 80s, where it all began and only now is connecting all individuals together. 

Loop PNG entertainment spoke to Carmel Pilotti, a member of PNG’s steadily growing underground Heavy Metal movement.

Rebel Musik ready to rock Melbourne this weekend

Working on final rehearsals now, the group of  at least 10 artists from PNG and West Papua aim to put up a spectacular performance for the audience.

 “Everything is sounding awesome with the use of traditional and modern instrumentation. It's a real fusion of the old and new. Mystic chants, native dialect rapping including Dubstep intertwined with lights and visuals as well. It's sounding and looking really good. Can't wait for this Friday. It's going to be a real audio and visual extravaganza,” said rapper SpriggaMek, who is part of the collaboration.

Sprigga Mek to Asia TOPA with Rebel Musik

Sprigga Mek is part of the collaboration Rebel Musik to perform in an exclusive show at Asia TOPA’s XO state on February 24.

It will be his first appearance in this prestigious Melbourne festival, being his fourth international gig to date.

His other gigs were in Brisbane, Bangkok and Vanuatu.

Coming from the underground Hip Hop movement in PNG, Sprigga says this opportunity means a lot in terms of Hip Hop.

He will be departing next week along with the rest of the team made up of artists from PNG and West Papua.

PNG-West Papuan artists in exclusive performance

Under the label Rebel Musik, founder Airileke will bring with him various artists, including members of Grrilla Step, Twin Tribe, Paluai Sook Sook, Drum Drum and Rize of the Morning Star onto the international platform.

This may not be the first appearance of PNG’s Airileke, but the performance promises to be mind-blowing, featuring new faces, bringing with it the true Papuan identity.

Sprigga Mek on Fusion Music

He is embracing this style that fuses urban techniques with contemporary traditional sounds. 

To Sprigga, this provides a better platform for all artists to deliver the message through the ever evolving phenomenon of music. 

Sprigga is currently in Vanuatu for the music festival Fest ‘Napuan 2016, which started last Wednesday, October 12, and will be ending today, October 16. 

Observing the style of music over the festival period, Sprigga said for a more reggae influenced society, Pacific artists have been embracing diverse styles of music.

PNG artist to advocate for West Papua at Vanuatu music festival

With over 10 years of performance, this will be his first act in the Vanuatu’s annual cultural event which features local and international artists.

The 32 year old is using this opportunity to share the message and advocate for PNG’s closest neighbour, West Papua in its fight for freedom from Indonesia.

He added this performance will aim to impart a positive message.

“It's never about me but about the message. I'm just a vessel to inspire and motivate the youth,” he said.

PNG musician to participate in Vanuatu music festival

The boy from Mekeo and Hanuabada will be among a number of international acts, to perform at the Fest’Napuan 2016, to be held from October 12 to 16.

Fest’Napuan, a free-to-public music festival is an annual cultural event which features both local and international artists.