Positive impacts of social media and technology

Social media and the easier access through mobile phones has been seen as a main platform that has contributed to this at times even  acting as catalysts to save lives of innocent victims of crime.

This platform may well have saved the lives of two innocent young men – who, if not for the quick actions of good Samaritans, may have died of stab wounds from petty criminals.

The two young men were attacked recently around the Gordon and the University areas.

Filter internet exposure for children: Official

Chief Censor Steven Mala said as part of addressing the issue of censorship and protecting children from harmful content, the Censorship Office has rolled out a schools awareness program in NCD and Central Province.

“Technology is not all that bad and creating a positive mindset for our children is important,” says the Chief Censor.

Speaking on positive behaviour change through music, arts, media and sports, he said it was part of Censorship Office vision 2050 to regulate the music industry.

Justin Bieber becomes the second person to reach 100m Twitter followers

He follows Katy Perry (103m) who managed it in June, but is in front of Taylor Swift (85.5m) and Rihanna (79.9m).

Former US president Barack Obama comes in third though with 94.3m.

To celebrate, Bieber has been given his own emoji on the site, which fans can use by using the hashtag #100millionbeliebers.

It all started for him when he was 15 and needed the hits:

Check out my single "ONE TIME" on my myspace and spread the word for me. Thanks

Android Oreo released by Google

It adds a new "picture-in-picture" mode that lets some apps run in a small corner of the screen.

Google's own Nexus and Pixel phones are expected to be the first to receive the software update.

New versions of Android can be slow to roll out, and just 14% of Android devices run the previous OS, Nougat.

Android Oreo introduces measures to help people manage the volume of notifications on their devices, which has been described as "notification diarrhoea".

A ginger haired emoji is coming soon

According to Unicode, redheads will be able to describe themselves in emoji form from June 2018 after the organisation's emoji subcommitteerecommended 67 new characters.

It's not just ginger emojis set to make their way to our fingertips though.

There'll be new emojis for those with bald heads, curly hair and silver foxes will be represented with a white-haired emoji.

The biggest e-sports event in the world

It's the biggest event of its kind in the world with a prize pool of nearly $24m (£18.4m) and is hosted by Valve.

Sixteen teams, with players from all over the world, are competing in the season climax for online battle arena game Dota 2.

For many of them the prestige of lifting the trophy at this ultra-competitive event is far more important than the cash.

Alex "machine" Richardson is Dota 2's answer to Gary Lineker and has been hosting the live stream of the group stages, which are taking place in Seattle.

Sexism in the tech industry 'needs to be called out'

It's after a Google employee criticised the firm's diversity initiatives in an internal memo.

The male software engineer argued the lack of women in top tech jobs was due to biological differences between men and women.

It's led to widespread criticism from women - and men - who work in the industry.

Newsbeat's spoken to four female software engineers to find out their experiences.

'There are so many opportunities'

New era for agro industry

The Australia-PNG Business Council Forum, held in Port Moresby last month, revealed the new era for the agro industry in the country.

The Business Council of PNG (BCPNG) tells Loop PNG that in five to 10 years’ time, bolder investments and technology will make agriculture ventures much more high yielding and technology intensive.

BCPNG Executive Director, Douveri Henao, says coupled with strong business models, the potential to grow the industry and involving locals is greater than ever before.

'Touchscreen-toddlers' sleep less, researchers say

The study in Scientific Reports suggests every hour spent using a touchscreen each day was linked to 15 minutes less sleep.

However, those playing with touchscreens do develop their fine motor skills more quickly.

Experts said the study was "timely" but parents should not lose sleep over it.

There has been an explosion in touchscreens in the home, but understanding their impact on early childhood development has been lacking.

The study by Birkbeck, University of London, questioned 715 parents of children under three years old.

Oppo, the new brand in town

As part of its awareness program, the team will be based at the mega mall through to Monday, carrying promotional activities involving crowd participation.

Oppo is the fourth ranked smartphone brand globally.

It arrived in Papua New Guinea early December of 2016 and only started selling about a month ago.

Oppo has come full set with a service center as well, making it the only smartphone brand in PNG to do so.