Tribal Fight

One dead, 2 injured from Enga clash: Police

The deceased, Sumo Siki, aged 26 of Aipus village, died instantly after being shot with a shotgun from the back, below his shoulders, on Saturday.

As of yesterday, two more men have been reported injured and are currently in critical condition at the Wabag General Hospital.

Wabag police station commander, Inspector John Wasakaman, said the killing was in retaliation between clansmen within the Sikir tribe and nearby Yakal tribes of Kaias village.

He said the mobile squad has been deployed from Laiagam and are on their way down to Wabag.

VIDEO: Convention leads to reconciliation

The tribe members reconciled after a tribal conflict in 2013 that resulted in the death of two men.

The fight was over the Kimil Coffee Plantation, and who had right to run it.

Tribal leaders were remorseful and apologized to families of the plantation workers who were killed.


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Tribal fights are an evil that must end – Powi

Powi said there is no space for tribal fights in his province and called on the people to embrace change.

He was responding to new reports of killings and the possible eruption of tribal fights in the province.

He is calling on the people of Upper Mendi, Nipa and Nembi Plateau local level Governments areas led by the community, church leaders and the presidents to take control of the situation.

Tribal fight related murder in Jiwaka

Jiwaka police commander Joseph Tondop reported that fighting between the Kisu and Neneka tribes intensified following the killing of Maime Kapa, aged 25, late Saturday night.

Tondop says that six suspects have been identified as police look into the murder of the man.

The incident occurred  as a result of an ongoing land dispute between the two neighboring Kisu and Neneka tribes at the headwaters of the Wara Kane Kudjip Minj in Jiwaka.