Waigani National Court

SHP returning officer summoned

The Waigani National Court today fixed dates for the two respective petitions that were filed by Pastor Bernard Kaku and Joseph Kobol disputing William Powi's election as Governor-elect.

The issue before court to determine surrounds Powi's declaration under special circumstances which was done by the Electoral Commission pursuant to section 175 of the Organic Law.

Accused gives evidence in Baki death threat case

Moses Maina of Western Highlands Province was arrested on 9 November 2016 on allegations he sent threats to Commissioner Baki between August and November that year using four different SIM cards.

He is not a police officer but was a close informant of the Commissioner and goes by the names of Isis, Jay Kange and Kande, apart from Moses Maina.

The state alleged he sent text messages to the Commissioner on 29 August, 4 September, 2 November and 8 November in 2016, signing off as ‘Snakehead’ and ‘Hunter’ from those four SIM cards.

3 years for Kompiam man

Gabriel Waik from Enga was sentenced by the Waigani National Court today after he admitted to taking K15,000 from Gabby Piakon.

He ran the Five-Mile wreckers in Port Moresby when he received K15,000 on 16 August 2016 from Piakon, who was involved in the hire car business.

The money was given for the purchase of a vehicle however, no vehicle was delivered to Piakon, resulting in his arrest by police. Only K3,000 was returned.

Waik admitted in court that he took the money under false presence he would sell the car.

Court orders recount for Central B’ville seat

The Waigani National Court today ordered for the recount after it was satisfied the Electoral Commission, through the returning officer, failed to accord a request provided under the organic law which was raised by runner-up Sam Akoitai’s scrutineer prior to declaration.

Aggrieved with the results, Akoitai filed the petition, disputing Fr Simon Dumarinu’s election.

Justice Lawrence Kangwia heard evidence in the trial and gave his ruling today.

State to pay over K110m outstanding contribution

The figure is subject to confirmation by Nambawan Super’s lawyer, Mek Tumul, to the Waigani National Court on the latest outstanding figure and interest component that the state is expected to pay to contributors. 

This is good news for about 1,667 retired members of Nambawan Super who have been waiting for the State’s component of their retirement money since 2015.

Hela petition asked to be heard separately

Undialu’s lawyer filed an application seeking to vary the order of 17 November 2017, which joined the two petitions filed by Francis Potape and Dr Hewali Hemia for trial.

Justice Ellenas Batari today heard arguments in court and will give a ruling next week.

Undialu’s lawyer submitted in court today that the two petitions should be tried separately because they have different factual scenarios and seek different reliefs.  

The petition filed by Potape seeks orders of the court to nullify Undialu’s election and declare him the duly elected member.

IBS gets interim orders against Fr Jan

IBS took the issue of its university status to the Waigani National Court today, seeking interim orders against Fr Jan Czuba as the secretary, the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) and the state.

Justice Derek Hartshon late this afternoon granted the interim orders, restraining Fr Jan from taking further administration steps under the Higher Education (General Provisions) Act 2014 to cause any further delay in IBS registration as a university.

Yama asks court to refer questions

They filed a motion before the Court of Disputed Returns in the petition that was filed by retired Defense Force commander, Major-General Jerry Singirok, in the 2017 election over the Madang Regional seat.

They asked the National Court to refer questions for determination surrounding the qualification of election runner-up, James Yali, to nominate and stand for election.  

The court told them to draft the proposed questions and have them filed in court this week before the matter returns tomorrow (Friday).

Accused in Jackson’s airport robbery to stand trial

Magistrate Cosmas Bidar made the ruling today at the Waigani Committal Court.

It was stated that in the early hours of August 5, 2016, Kenneth Aup, with three other accomplices, dressed up as BSP security guards and picked up a female bank officer at her house.

The woman is in charge of the mini BSP airport branch.

While on their way to the airport, the armed men ordered her to open the bank for them.

They stole a total of K7018,292.40. This amount also included international currencies.

Venue for Kandep petition trial to be fixed

The venue will be confirmed during pre-trial conference this Wednesday at the Waigani National Court.

Polye and his lawyer suggested to the court to have the trial conducted in a court facility apart from the Enga Province, however, parties could not agree on the venue.

Due to the fights and killing by supporters during the election period, security remains a concern.

Suggested trial dates have been set in the month of May next year however that is subject to being formalised by the court.