Waigani National Court

Petition against Sungi dismissed

Kumbakor filed the petition on August 30, disputing Joe Sungi's re-election as Nuku MP.

Sungi was declared member elect on July 20th.

His lawyer filed a motion, objecting the petition saying it was incompetent because it was filed late.

The two issues brought to court in that motion was that two public holidays fell between that period of declaration and the date the petition was filed.

The public holidays were Remembrance and Repentance day respectively. 

Men in court for false claims

Roland Tom of Amala village Wabag, Enga Province and Kalen Kopen, of Laigam, Enga Province, were charge for three counts of conspiracy to defraud, under section 407, uttering false documents and counterfeit seals under section 463, and obtaining goods or credit by false pretense or willfully false promise, under section 404.

The court found that Roland falsely claimed that he owned a property, a house at section 225, Allotment 01, Gerehu Stage One.

Abducted toddler found after one year

The alleged kidnappers from the Enga province this week appeared at the Waigani National Court following their arrest on November 1.

Denis Kandaro, 47, and Save Kandaro, 40, from Yomondi village, Laiagam district, appeared before Magistrate Cosmas Bidar where their charge was read and explained to them in court before their case was adjourned pending police investigations.

It is alleged that on 3 March 2016 at about 11am, they took a toddler, who was aged 1 year, 8-months, from his mother at Gordon market, Port Moresby, before taking him to Enga.

57yo gets 3 years for false pretense

Kiana Murry (57) of Gulf Province is married with seven children and 10 grandchildren. He was sentenced to three years for obtaining a hire vehicle, which cost K60,000, under false pretense.

The court heard that on August 6, 2015, Murry met with the complainant at the Port Moresby General Hospital carpark and told him that he was working for the national identification (NID) project of the National Statistical Office in Port Moresby.

Murry then told the man that the project needed vehicle to hire at the rate of K700 per day.

More trial dates for petitions set

They include the two petitions that were filed disputing the election in the Hela regional seat and the Samarai-Murua seat.

The Waigani National Court has joined the two petitions that were filed challenging Philip Undialu’s win as Hela Governor.

Justice Collin Makail issued orders to consolidate the petitions filed by Francis Potape and Dr. Hemia Hewali.

He was of the view they had similar allegations and urged parties to work towards the trial dates.

Mobile banking theft case: Bail extended

Owen Yamboli of Makungu village, Wosera-Gawi, East Sepik Province, was charged with stealing K18,453 and K5,730 by transferring money from the bank account of Koreke Koreke and his wife, Alop Koreke, though mobile phone banking to another account.

Yamboli worked as an information duty officer at the Bank South Pacific (BSP) branch in Port Moresby.

He registered the mobile and account number of Koreke and his wife by using the identity of a worker to transfer the money to purchase Digicel credits.

20-year rape sentence for father-of-three

The 36-year-old father of three was earlier convicted by the Waigani National Court on three counts of rape.

Paul Supa was among 11 others who abducted the woman as she was returning from the Six-Mile market on 18 October, 2015, where they raped her.

Excessive use of violence with guns and knives were used to threaten her, fortunately, her relatives came to her rescue.

Justice Martin Ipang, in handing down his sentence, says despite the country being full of resources, law and order remains a big issue.

Ripped testicles case: Verdict soon

The trial in the Waigani National Court against the Hela man came to a conclusion today, with his lawyer and the state prosecutor presenting their submissions of his verdict in court.

Thomas Warepa stood trial over allegations he caused grievous bodily harm by pulling off Kelo Kewaki’s testicles in the family home at Erima, Port Moresby, on June 25 last year following an argument.

Court recommends mediation for rugby case

The case was referred for mediation after the court dismissed it today, citing no reasonable cause of action was disclosed in the proceeding that was filed by the PNG National Rugby League Inc (PNGNRL Inc).  

Court found that the case was an abuse of court’s process and that PNGNRL Inc.’s claim could not be sustained because it had no legal standing or right to bring such case.

The case was filed by PNGNRL Inc. over the resolution of 26 March 2017, which saw the Digicel Cup competition for 2017 come under the PNG National Rugby League Competition (PNG-NRLC).

Trial on damage claim against BSP starts


The trial started yesterday afternoon with the tendering in of court documents after a preliminary applications to have the trial further adjourned was refused by Justice Ere Kariko.

Yama asked for an adjournment to engage the services of an expat lawyer, preferably a Queen’s Counsel, after he withdrew instructions from his lawyer on Monday morning when the trial was to begin.

He appeared in person in court yesterday.