William Bando

Suspended Hela PA goes to court

Bando who is also the Chairman of the Hela Election Steering Committee is challenging his suspension due to the urgency of the upcoming election.

His lawyer went to court yesterday and again today, but was unable to move the urgent application because the state was short served the application and counsels with the files did not appear in court.

He is asking the court to set aside his suspension.

Potape calls on Bando to respect leaders

He said Bando is a good man and deserved the job after acting on the position for a very long time.

However, Potape was disappointed with Bando for his comments on the media.

Bando in today’s National newspaper said one of his job was to be the glue among the political leaders and the people.

However, he said the non-attendance by the Potape faction was not good and got to show that there was still division among the leaders.