Communication vital for Kinim station restoration

Program managers and departmental heads at the Kinim station on Karkar island will be issued CUG phones with email addresses so monthly reports are done and reported back to their member of parliament.


This is one of the initiatives that Sumkar MP and Vice Minister for Education, Chris Yer Nangoi is doing to restore the district administration on the island.

“This is the first time for the district to be equipped with this new form of communication, we are in the 21st century and need to bring the same service that is operating in the town areas down to the district level,” Nangoi said.

He said the main reason for doing this is to make it easy for all the managers and CEO to connect and work together as a team to ensure that reports are done and sent in on time every month.

“We will be running our own domain and server. We registered through Unitech who are the domain regulators and they issued us our certificates which Global is our internet service provider.

“So my program managers will not be using Gmail but our own email addresses, example project manager education’s email address will be

“They are also registered under Close User Group (CUG) so there is no excuse for my district administration staff to say they do not have credits to call,” he said.

Nangoi said it is not only the CEO that will have access to email but also the treasurer and the different program managers.

“They can be in the office to get their email but we will also connect their emails through their mobile phones, so they can be out on the field and still be able to respond to important emails that need to be dealt with immediately.”

He said the current network speed on the island is 2G but discussions have been held with the network service provider to increase it to 4G.

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