Reliable, easy to use mobile service

There are ways to make our lives easier, faster, and economical. One of those ways is using CellMoni, a mobile wallet service, in which you can do all you need from your cellphone.

Since November 2019, the mobile wallet has been available in Papua New Guinea, giving users the possibility of depositing money to their wallets, sending money from one CellMoni wallet to another, doing Top Up, paying bills and making payments, among others. Now, and for a limited time only, the mobile service offers free wallet to wallet transaction, which means that when you send money to another CellMoni user using your phone, you will not pay any fees for the transaction you are doing.

How does this work? A mobile wallet is similar to the wallet that you have in your pocket, but is in your phone and can hold as much money as you like. And getting one is easier and faster than anyone would think:

  • Digicel customers acquire their CellMoni wallets just after they complete the registration, and they have to dial *888# and follow the steps to activate the wallet.
  • Choose a PIN code; this four-digit code will keep your money secure in your wallet. Nobody but you will be able to access your money.
  • Deposit money at any Digicel Store or at Authorized CellMoni Agent in your active CellMoni Wallet. Adding funds to your CellMoni account is free, and it will be available instantly.

Then, what happens? You can do it all!

  • Send or receive money from another CellMoni user’s wallet –this is called a Peer to Peer (P2P) transaction, and, for a limited time, it is entirely free. Dial*888# and select Option 1–SEND MONI, enter the phone number of the person you want to send, type the amount of money you wish to send, enter your PIN code and press send. After that, the other user will be notified with the amount of cash credited to their account. 
  • Top Up - When buying Top Up using CellMoni, for a limited time, you will get a 25 percent bonus of the amount you purchased.
  • Buy Pawa – use your CellMoni wallet to buy EasiPay by selecting Option 2 in the *888# menu. After doing so, you will have the chance to be one of the 6 winners of one year FREE of electricity.
  • Buy TV plan – use your CellMoni wallet to purchase a Digicel TV plan.
  • Additionally, you will be able to pay bills, pay for Goods and Services at a merchant and do account related queries such as Balance Check, Change PIN, and identify closest Authorized Agent and more.

CellMoni is a service that allows you to do all your transactions at any time, anywhere, just by using your phone. It aims to make life easier, allowing your loved one or you to access your money whenever it is more convenient.

CellMoni brings a reliable, easy to use and economical way to manage money; offer such as free Peer to peer are just the beginning of an entirely new set of norms where services are at the palm of the user’s hands.

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